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Whole Plant Canna Hero 1200 x 825

High CBD.

Our High CBD cannabis line is a unique true to plant experience.

Our Whole Plant™ extraction method allows us to yield high CBD and other minor cannabinoids for top-tier full-spectrum products.

Goal Specific Varieties.

We have varieties for each occasion including our Sour Tsunami Sativa, Ringo’s Gift Hybrid, and Shark Shock Indica.

Dispensary Collection.

We went back to the roots of cannabis and sought out some of the best high-yielding cannabis varieties to create this elite line of High CBD Cannabis Cartridges!


A Natural Approach to Wellness Since 2016

The Whole Plant™ journey started in about 2016 with Alex and his belief in whole-plant medicine. Alex had been diagnosed with a critical case of Crohn’s Disease at the age of 21.

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